IMG_0729 IMG_0728 IMG_0722My studio is located on 87 acres of beautiful parkland and walking distance to the water and a ferry ride away from Manhattan


Welcome to Snug Harbor

Welcome to Snug Harbor

So here is the cottage I will be staying in for the months of October and November. Snug Harbor had begun as a place for sailors to retire and these cottages were used to house various administrative members

welcome to this blog

So, I usually don’t blog.  I’m not a blogger.  In fact, part of me feels as if blogging is a thing that is a bit out of hand, for everyone with a slight interest in a certain category and has internet deems themselves an expert and somehow feels that they have something important to share with the entire world.  Well, before this turns into a salty rant about the human ego…..

The reason I am making this blog is to give those who are interested, a glimpse into the artwork I will be making during my residency at the Snug Harbor Cultural Center. led by the incredible Visual Art Director, Patrick Grenier.