Veteran’s Memorial Hall

Screen shot 2013-10-22 at 10.54.58 PM

I was able to get into this gorgeous building, which is now used as a theatre, to conduct some recordings recently. In thinking about human relationships to different environments and recording data mainly outdoors, I had decided to conduct an experiment indoors.  The experiment involves using the visual and acoustic qualities of the space and manipulating them based on weather conditions outdoors.  The first step was to record the sound of the room.  I had conducted a four channel audio recording from the upper balcony. The goal was to capture the ambient sound and raw resonant frequencies that the building possessed.  I had then played back that recording into the space from the stage.  Live weather data from my station outside of the building was used to control varying qualities of the sound.  Each weather sensor controlled specific functions in custom written programming which include panning, pan speed, pan fade amount, reverb size, decay time, high frequency damping, diffusion and delay time and feedback filter controls of a looping modulating delay.    Basically, external weather conditions directly influencing the acoustic properties of an interior.  Give it a listen:

The second stage of the experiment was to create a similar experience visually.  A short video of the hall looking out from the stage was recorded and then projected back onto itself, matching up the architectural features to the physical ones.  Weather data is used to control parameters of video feedback.  Here is a short segment from the footage.  Note the lighting was not ideal, and I will be creating a higher quality version for the final installation.


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