weather to waveform to jit.matrix


I have been using my weather station to record  data at four times of the day; sunrise, noon, sunset, midnight.  The data has been logged and each stream of data from each sensor (temperature, dewpoint, pressure, humidity and light) is stored in individual coll files.  This patch reads out the individual lists of data and assigns values to the frequency, phase and amplitude of a waveform, generating five unique tones from each individual sensor reading.  The metro object at the top of the patch controls the speed at which the data is read, in this case changing the tone every three seconds.  All five tones are then modulated together to create one complex tone that cycles at the same speed.  The waveform is then visualized in different ways.  The first two are standard wave and histogram displays.  The last is a bit more complicated.  The data generated from the waveform (which is generated from the weather) is used to control the display of pixels within a jitter matrix.  By changing the resolution, I am able to control the variety of patterns created. 


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