For those of you that are not familiar with my previous work you can check it out here:

For the next two months I will be creating work that is generated from collected weather data as well as audio and video field recordings.  I often approach making a piece as an experiment.  It has a set of parameters and each parameter can be mixed and combined in an multitude of ways, and the experiment is done when each combination is exhausted. 

The proposal that I had written earlier this year was focused on using weather to generate something positive.  Hurricane Sandy had wrecked an overwhelmingly amount of Staten Island and I wanted to use the same force that had taken people’s homes and businesses to create a positive experience to share with Staten Island residents.  The original proposal had involved using salvaged architectural material to create interactive instruments.  I had always been interested in integrating sound and sculpture for a multitude of reasons.  My thinking was that sound and music are often crafted in a similar way to sculptural collage where components are cut, rearranged and assembled in a harmonious manner. Throughout history, artists have utilized recombination and collage to create powerful cultural movements. Jazz, t had taken elements of blues, slave songs and European musical theory to create entirely new ways to think about music structure. Dada artists had taken language apart to its base elements to create new ways of communication that challenged the destructive nature of the Western World during the first World War. And artists working within methods of Postproduction, resource, resample and reconfigure materials to establish new artistic languages. My goal was to create something that re-contextualized the damage from the recent hurricane and serves as a platform for cultural stimulation.

From when I wrote the proposal to now, I had created some work that was exploring how we define three dimensional spaces with the use of audio and video installations.  I had become interested in this idea of using the environment as the material and changing how it is perceived.  And I had thought, well thats what I want to do with the work at Snug Harbor.  I want to use the environment (a post hurricane city in the midst of recuperating) to change how it is seen, to inspire residents as they are rebuilding to consider a harmonious relationship with their environment.

By using weather and audio as my materials, which are intangible materials, I plan to sculpt an environment that is directly generated from itself while exploring concepts of time, acoustics and visual psychology while I experiment with new ways to process an array of signal data. 


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